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The only prerequisite for adding a server is that you must have billing details added.

Step 1 - Selecting Image

Give your server a name. In this example, we will use: test1

If you select "Show Descriptions", you will be given more details about each image.

We will select: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server 64-bit KVM

This is 1 of our popular Image options

Step 2 - Select Image Size

We will select the CA-2 2GB/2-core instance

Step 3 - Storage

For specific servers, like the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, the image-size is fixed at 19GB. However, our CA-2 plan has 40GB. The Storage option will pre-populate the additional 21GB storage for you, as seen below

Step 4 - SSH Keys

An SSH key will be added to the server during Image Creation. We have selected one of the previously-added SSH keys

Step 5 - Private Network

In this example, we will not be using the Private Network options, so we can go ahead and disable it

If you do not disable this option, you can supply a VPC name, description, Select the account that will pay for the VPC and associated Server, and lastly the Data Centre in which the server will be located. 

Step 6 - Public Network / Firewall

As firewalling is enabled by default with all CloudAfrica servers, we need to expose Port 22 to SSH into the server. If we want tighter security, we can limit the Source to a few known IP-addresses (eg. a corporate IP-address network), but in this example we will not limit the Source

Step 7 - Account

Select the Account/credit-card that will be billed for the server.

Step 8 - Confirmation

Once all the options have been selected, you can now confirm and get your server created. The time it takes to create a new server is somewhere between 10-40 seconds.

Congratulations! You have now created your first server! Go ahead and SSH into your server using our guide here: Accessing your Server

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