I would like rDNS set on my server


I would like to set the reverse record of a server. What are CloudAfrica's policies about this?


The below is our policy regarding rDNS entries.

  1. rDNS entries will ONLY be allowed if a customer is a long-standing customer with several servers on the CloudAfrica platform where the requirement for an rDNS entry is for a SINGLE server to act as an MTA/email server, or where the client can clearly demonstrate that there is a legitimate requirement for MULTIPLE servers within an account to have rDNS entries.
  2. NEW customer requiring an rDNS entry for a server in an account where the ONLY server in the account is the one requiring the rDNS entry will NOT be permitted unless FULLY substantiated with any information requested by CloudAfrica. 
  3. For ALL rDNS requirements, please provide the following (at a minimum):
    a. Details of the domain and hostname for the server in question;
    b. Details of ownership of the domain;
    c. Details of the use case requirements.
  4. If you do NOT meet the above criteria, and/or you are unable or unwilling to supply the relevant information, then we can unfortunately not be of service to you, and would suggest that you try a cloud provider who can meet your requirements.