Frequently Asked Questions

We all get a little stuck sometimes, and often, other people have asked the same questions. Here are some of the questions we get asked often enough to give them their own section.”


 Q: Do I pay for a new server every time I create a new one?

A; Yes

 Q: Will I get refunded if I did not use all my allocated bandwidth for the month?

A: No

 Q: How do I cancel an account?

A: Once everything has been paid up, simply login to delete your server and associated services. Once usage has been paid for, nothing further needs to be done. 

 Q: How long does it take for payments to reflect on my account?

A: Depending on the method of payment, and inter-bank transfers, anything up to 2 days.

 Q: Am I charged any fees on my credit card?

A: No, Not by CloudAfrica

 Q: What services are included in all Payment Plans?

A: These services are included by default in any selected Pre-set: Your servers are fully configurable, You have OS Level Access, They are secure, and you have full access to managed firewalls

 Q: Will I be warned when my bandwidth is almost finished?

A: Yes. When your bandwidth is within 10% of depletion.

 Q: Can I add Services to my account after I have created a server?

A: Yes.  You cannot add more storage to an already existing server, but you can add services such as Monitoring, Alerting etc. and will be billed on a pro-rata basis on your invoice if the service was added after the start of the month. Contact us for more information.

 Q:  What do I do if I’ve lost my password?

A: We can reset your password for you. Simply visit the site and select the option "Forgot my password"

 Q: How can I access my server?

A: Servers can be accessed by using the web console via the CloudAfrica dashboard by clicking the icon. If you have added a firewall rule to map ports to port 22 on the internal IP address, you will be able to SSH into your server.

 Q: What are VPCs again?

A: A VPC is a collection of members and servers. Each VPC has its own subnet allocated to it. That VPC must have a billing member assigned to it, and that billing member must have a valid credit card on their profile. VPCs are used for servers to talk to one another without the need for a public IP address.

 Q: I want to move a machine I’ve created from one VPC to another, how do I do this?

A: This functionality does not currently exist on the CloudAfrica platform, but we will be looking to add it for future releases.