Extend Partition

This article explains how to increase the server disk volume for various OS types.


  1. Login to CloudAfrica portal

  2. Click on the applicable server name in the list

  3. Click on 'Extras'

  4. Under ‘Storage' click 'Add’

  5. Select the disk and enter desired total space, not the difference, click 'Update'

  6. Shutdown and start your server

Please note that:

  1. Partition and file system changes are potentially destructive, therefore it is advised the drives are backed up before proceeding.

  2. In case you need to resize root disk do contact support.

Resize drive inside the vm


  1. Start → Administrative Tools → Computer Management → Storage → Disk Management

  2. Right click on the partition showing ‘Unallocated space' and click 'Extend Volume’

  3. Enter space to be allocated and click 'Finish'


Please follow below guidelines (only Linux build in tools/commands will be used):

df / lsblk - list available drives
mount / umount - attach/detach partition
fdisk - partitions management tool
e2fsck - checking of modified file system for errors
resize2fs - modifies existing file system to fit new partition size

  1. First find the partition you wish to resize df -hT to list available partitions


  2. This example will use /dev/sdb, unmount the volume sudo umount /mnt/sdb1

  3. Run fdisk with the disk name sudo fdisk /dev/sdb and type p to print it’s partitions


  4. Then type d and w to delete the partition and save modifications


  5. Create a new partition sudo fdisk /dev/sdb and type n - by default it will select most space available, finish by typing w


  6. Verify partition consistency by e2fsck -f /dev/sdb1


  7. Resize file system sudo resize2fs /dev/sdb1


  8. Mount the resized volume sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1/

  9. df -hT to verify extended partition