New Mail Interface - Quick Help Guide


Quick Guide to the new email interface


  • Use this URL:

    • Click on “Forgot password”

    • Click on “Request Reset” in the next window

    • A reset link will be sent to your recovery email.

  • If you have not yet set up a recovery email address, send us an email and ask for a password reset to

    • Attach a clear copy of your ID or driver's licence

    • Include your cell number, since we will SMS the new password to you.

  • Click on the folder where you would like to select multiple items. (Inbox / Trash etc)

    • Right-click on any email - this will display checkboxes next to each email item in the list.

    • Simply check the checkboxes you want to select and then perform the action you wanted to apply on all of them.

  • After logging in, click on the 9 dots left of your email address

    • Now click on settings and then select “Accounts”

    • Add the email address you would like to use here.

      • The form autosaves the info, so you do not need to select Save now. Simply carry on with your day.

  • Once logged in, select the Candy box next to your email address

  • Now click on “Contacts”

    • From here you can view your existing contacts, Import new ones or export them.

  • From Outlook go to “Account settings” and then select “Server settings”

    • Under Incoming email and password, add your credentials

    • Check “Remember password”

    • Incoming mail settings:

      • Server:

      • Port 993

      • Encryption method: SSL/TLS

    • Outgoing mail settings:

      • Server:

      • Port: 465

      • Encryption method: SSL/TLS

      • Check “My outgoing SMTP server requires authentication”

      • Check “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”

      • Click Next

  • Once you are logged in, navigate to settings by selecting the Candy box next to your email address

    • Choose “Accounts” and then choose “Change password”

    • Enter your existing password

      • NOTE: Password must be at least 12 characters long & Password must contain at least 2 uppercase characters.

    • Add the new password and then repeat it under “Confirm New Password”

    • Click on OK

Menage spam list.

  1. Login to your Ananzi mail account

  2. Click on ‘tools' section (top left corner) and select 'Settings

  1. Click '


  1. Scroll down to '

Menage spam'

  1. Select '

Action' (what should be done when spam is detected)

  1. Insert unwanted senders into '

Blacklist' (one per line)

  1. Click '


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