VSS Object error appears during Backup or Restore Plan Creation


  • The Backup or Restore plan that you are creating runs, but generates the following error
    • The VSS object was in an incorrect state for the requested operation.
    • OR
    • An unexpected error occurred. The error code is logged in the error log file.


  • To remedy the situation, right-click on the Taskbar, and select the Task Manager application.
    • Open the Services Tab
    • Scroll down to the Service called VSS
    • Right Click on that service, and select "Go to Service"
    • Find the Item called "Volume Shadow Copy" under the "Name" Column. 
      • You should notice that its status is "Stopped"
      • Right Click on the "Volume Shadow Copy" service, and select Properties.
      • Next to "Startup Type", select "Automatic" and then click on "Start" followed by "OK"
  • You should now be able to complete the process, and after this, the service will start up automatically, not causing the same issue again.

In case the steps above did not work, it may point to a security configuration issue, which you can solve using the following steps:

  • Start Menu -> Run -> dcomcnfg

  • Expand Component Services, Computers, and My Computer.

  • Right-click My Computer and click Properties on the pop-up menu > COM Security tab.

  • Under Access Permission click Edit Default.

  • From the Access Permissions dialog, add the "Network Service" account with Local Access allowed.

  • Close all open dialog windows.

  • Start Backup Service under administrator account: go to Tools > Change Service Account, enter local administrator account name and password, click OK. The service will be restarted automatically.

  • Restart the machine.

  • After applying changes, please run the failed backup job again

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