Incorrect Product Type selected


Do you see any of the following errors on the confirmation emails after a Backup and Restore Plan has run?

Error: The device is not ready OR

Error: Missing an argument for parameter 'VolumePath'. Specify a parameter of type 'System.String' and try again OR

Error: You don't have an active licence to run the product. 


Unfortunately, it seems like you have selected to perform a backup of the machine Image, rather than the Files on the machine itself. This is causing the alert to us, resulting in this message.

Our Cloudsafe application is designed, at this stage, to create backups of Files only and not the entire System Image. The setup that you have chosen, may result in unexpected results.

Please refer to this website:

Right at the bottom of that site, in the footer area, there are Installation guides.

  • You can also find them here: Installation Guides
  • Download the correct one, based on your operating system, and follow the installation steps carefully. 
  • Open the CloudSafe application on your desktop
  • In the Top Left-hand corner, select the little arrow pointing downwards

  •  Find the option down the list that says - Change Edition
  • The correct Product edition, being File Backup and NOT Desktop/Server.

  • Click on OK.

Now you have changed the license type to the correct one. You may now continue setting up / running backups as intended.

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