Annual Billing explained


How much will you pay each year?


See ** at the end of this article

  • R690.00 per year + VAT = R793.50 - PER COMPUTER being backed up
    • Yes, this does mean that you can download the same software to various computers, and log in with the same account credentials, but you will be billed for each Computer that is backed up.
  • The first 14 days of usage is entirely free of charge.
  • The size and interval of the backups are irrelevant and has no bearing whatsoever on the cost.
  • Day 15 PRO RATA: Depending on your sign up date, the charge to your credit card on day 15 will be based on the R690.00 annual fee only for the days left in that particular year.
    • Days remaining in year = DaysRem
    • R690.00 divided by total days in year = Costpd
    • Charge: DaysRem x Costpd
  • Each year thereafter: R690.00 each January in advance as pre-payment for the rest of the year.

  • **The fee will be charged to your credit card annually until the service has been cancelled, and all outstanding fees have been settled.
  • **Please make sure that we always have the newest and correct card details, to prevent suspension of the service.
  • **You can update your card details online at

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** Due to price changes that can occur at any time, the specific amounts mentioned above should not be seen as a quote or a fixed price, but merely an explanation of the billing cycle.

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