The Backup and Restore plans schedules are failing


Depending on the Operating system you are using, you may be experiencing one or several of these symptoms;

  • The Backup or Restore plans that you have created simply does not want to run
  • The CloudSafe Backup App displays that the username and password is invalid - and you have verified that it IS correct.
  • At the bottom of the app, it may display 2 Red icons;
    • (minus) Backup Service Stopped and
    • (minus) RM Service Stopped
  • This error appears on screen:


 For Windows Installations...
  • Open the Task Manager application
  • Go to the "Services" tab.
  • Look for the following 2 Services:
    • CloudSafe Service
    • Cloudsafe Service Remote Manager
  • The Status is potentially set to "Stopped" at this stage.
  • Right click on the Status, and select "Start" for each of the 2 services.
  • If you have not done so yet, close the CloudSafe Backup App, and reopen it again.
 Advanced Troubleshooting...

If the services continue to stop when your machine reboots,

  1. Return to the Task Manager, and Services Tab.
  2. Right-click on each service, and select "Open Services"
  3. Once located, select the Cloudsafe Service, Right-click to open the "Properties".
  4. On the General tab, under Startup type: select "Automatic (Delayed Start)"
  5. Click on Apply, and then OK.
  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for the 2nd Service, CloudSafe Service Remote Backup.

This should completely reset the services and enable them to run whenever your machine is switched on.

 For MAC OS Installations...

Info to follow soon!

 For Linux Installations...

Info to follow soon!

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