Setting Up a Restore Plan


This page should help with all the questions you may have while setting up a restore plan.


 How do I set up a Restore plan?

Find the various Installer Guides Here. (Look under Resources)

 When should I set up a Restore plan?

You can create a restore plan at any time.

It would make more sense to do so once you have created at least one back up plan, so you can be certain that each file/folder Backed up, has been selected in the Restore plan.

 What is the difference between Run Once, and a Scheduled Plan?

Run Once:

  • If you select "Run Once", the plan is not saved. While the restore plan you create now will run, you will have to repeat the steps later on when you want to run it again.
  • We suggest that you select "Save restore plan" if you would like to re-run it later, or even at scheduled intervals.

Scheduled Restore Plan:

  • A Restore plan is saved in the app. It can be set to run once only or to run at scheduled intervals.
  • This is a quick way of being certain that your restore settings are saved, and always stays the same.
  • Most of the settings saved in the plan can be changed at any stage.
  • How to Set up the Schedule?
    • Simply create a Restore plan as you would normally do 
      • Select the Restore Plan Tab, 
      • Select Restore - Click on Next until you reach a Step called Plan Name - and select Save the restore plan.
      • The current date is added by default, but you can call it something more personal if you like. Continue until you get to a Step called "Schedule".
      • Then select the 3rd option - "Recurring".
      • In the next step, set up a schedule to define a regular interval on which your restore plan will run.
      • From here onwards, simply complete the Wizard process. You can select "Run Now" at the end if you want to create one immediately.
      • From now on, your restore points will be created at the scheduled times (if your pc is switched on of course), so you don't have to worry about doing it again and again.
 Why are some options unavailable?

Some of the features, such as "Image-Based Backup" and "System State Restores" are not included in the File-Based Backup Service, for which you have signed up.

They are disabled in the app to prevent accidental selection. 

 Restore Point explained...

Latest Version

  • Only the last version of Files backed up in the Backup Plan can be restored.
  • Any older version of documents is replaced during the backup, and therefore only the last version will be restored.

Point in Time

  • Any file with a modification date BEFORE the date and time set will be restored.
  • This is useful if you intend on making major system or document changes, and would potentially need to restore earlier information.

Modification Period

  • Any files backed up, that were last modified BETWEEN the From and To fields can be restored.
    • Note, the Backup Period and Modification periods are NOT the same since a file may have been modified BEFORE it was backed up.
  • This may be useful if are not really certain when exactly an error occurred in one of the files.

Backup Period

  • Any file created during the Backup From and To fields can be restored.
    • Note, any file modified outside of these ranges will not be restored.


  • This option will allow you to select specific files to restore from the Backup Repository to a location of your choice.
  • If you know which file, and which version of a file you are after, this is the quickest way to restore it.
 Restore Source Explained...

During this step, the information that has been backed up to the cloud, based on your Backup Plans, are displayed.

It may look like it is displaying a list of folders from your local machine, since it is an exact replica of your selected folders and files, and is in fact saved safely in the cloud, on our servers.

During the Restore Plan creation steps, you can select All of the Folders and Files or only SOME of them... have to remember that only the selected folders and / files will be restored when you run this Restore plan later on.

 I am not sure where I should save the Restored files...
  • "Restore to original location"
    • Use this option if you are uncertain of the folder location it should be saved in. 
  •  "Restore to a specific location"
    • To Choose another folder location, select this option.
    • Check the "Save this location...." option to use the same folder in future schedules.
  • "Restore deleted files" 
    • Even files that have been deleted off your local machine will be restored, since they will not be removed in the online repository, on your backup account.

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